Washington Deed Requirements

Washington deeds must meet specific requirements for validity and recording. These requirements include:

  • The deed must have one-inch margins on the sides of all pages, and the first page of the deed must have a three-inch margin that contains only the name and return address of the person to whom the deed should be returned. RCW 65.04.045.
  • The deed must contain a properly drafted legal description that identifies the property for legal purposes. An address or description from the tax records is insufficient.
  • The deed must identify how joint owners will hold title, include a statement of consideration (if applicable), and include Washington-accepted notary acknowledgments.

The deeds created by our online deed preparation service were designed to meet these and other legal requirements. Local recorders sometimes require additional information. Questions about county-specific information should be directed to the county recorder.

Washington also charges a real estate excise tax on sales of Washington property. The tax rate usually ranges between 1.53 percent and 1.78 percent of the sale price. A Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit must usually accompany the deed when it is filed. A cover sheet may also be required.