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Aug 21, 2022

What Type of Deed Should You Use to Transfer Property to Your Living Trust?

This article explains why many attorneys consider special warranty deeds—also known as grant deeds, covenant deeds, or limited warranty deeds—to be the preferred deed type...
Jan 04, 2022

2022 Updates to California Transfer-on-Death Deed Law

DeedClaim updates our deed forms to stay current with statutory amendments. Our California TOD deed form reflects the current version of the law.
Jan 24, 2021

What is the Right Deed Title for Your Deed?

This article attempts to clear up this confusion by explaining the differences in terminology and deed titles.
Jan 26, 2017

Creditor Claims Create Traps for Homeowners Using California Transfer-on-Death Deeds

California TOD Deeds create potential traps for property owners with creditors. Along with inheriting the property, the beneficiary also inherits personal liability for the deceased...
Jan 16, 2017

Commission Issues Guidance on Recording California Transfer-on-Death Deeds

The Memorandum also suggests that the law be amended to simply state that recording or failing to record the FAQ section does not affect the...
Jan 05, 2016

California Now Allows Revocable Transfer-On-Death Deeds

With this new law, California joins a growing number of U.S. states that allow property to be transferred by TOD deed at death.