Arizona Deed Requirements

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Each state has its own legal requirements that must be met for a deed to be valid under state law. Each deed should be designed to meet these requirements. In Arizona, the requirements for deeds include formatting, content, and signing requirements.

Formatting Standards for Arizona Deeds

Arizona formatting standards deal with the arrangement and format of each of the elements of Arizona deeds. Arizona deeds must meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Half-inch margins on all pages;
  • At least a two-inch margin on the first page;
  • Paper no greater than legal size (although letter size is fine and usually the best choice);
  • At least 10-point font; and
  • A caption or title that states the type of instrument.1

Content Requirements for Arizona Deeds

Arizona content requirements govern the substantive provisions that must be included in each Arizona deed form. Arizona deeds must meet the following content requirements:

  • The deed must contain the right vesting language to transfer the property to the beneficiaries using the right warranty of title.2
  • The deed should specify how multiple owners will hold title to the property.
  • The deed must contain a valid legal description to adequately describe the property.
  • The deed must be written, notarized, and delivered to the grantee.3
  • If the property is being transferred to or from a trust the deed must include the name and addresses of the trust beneficiaries, the name of the trust, and the recording information for the Certification of Trust.4

Signing Requirements for Arizona Deeds

An Arizona deed is not valid unless it is signed as required by law. With few exceptions, each Arizona deed must include original signatures.5

Fees Required to File Arizona Deeds

Arizona has no documentary stamp tax or other form of real estate transfer tax, but recording fees must be paid with the transfer. Recording fees start at $15.00 per deed.6

Each deed created by our deed preparation service is attorney-designed to meet Arizona recording requirements and comes with step-by-step instructions for filing with the county recorder.

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