Virginia Deed Requirements

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To be valid, Virginia deeds must meet several important state-specific requirements:

In addition to these statutory requirements, individual county clerk’s offices may have county-specific standards for a Virginia deed’s paper size, plats, margins, and font size.

Example: Fairfax County (the largest county in Virginia) requires margins of at least one inch at the top, left, and bottom of each page, with a minimum of one-half inch margins on the right of the page. Paper must be white and unglazed and printing must be black, solid, and uniform print in at least 9-point font or larger.

Our Deed Generator creates deeds that meet all state requirements and any county-specific requirements that we know about. Questions about county-specific requirements should be directed to the county clerk. If a deed must be amended to meet county-specific requirements, we amend the deed at no additional charge.

Counties may also require the deed to be accompanied by a bar-coded cover sheet with information that helps the clerk properly file and index the deed. Va. Code Ann. § 17.1-227.1. This cover sheet can be created online using information from the Virginia court’s website or county-specific pages.